Update on lawsuit against Yeshiva University alleging negligence in responding to rape

Bottom line: Plaintiff seeks permission to amend complaint, which will include (under seal, so confidentially) reports of on-campus rapes that YU failed to report as required by federal law. Looking forward to YU claiming that reporting requirements violate the halachic principles of self-incrimination.

And YU’s response.

Orthodox group issues ruling on land and the Palestinians

My story in the June 22, 1995 issue of JTA’s Daily News Bulletin. Available online at https://www.jta.org/archive/orthodox-group-issues-ruling-on-land-and-the-palestinians

Which Mark Klein, at the Northern California Jewish Bulletin, appropriately retitled to Rabbis against peace treaty mull assassination, revolts. But unlike my editor at JTA, he didn’t have Orthodox Union machers on his board.