Don’t call them kapos

Don’t call them kapos

So I got into an informative and I think illustrative argument on Facebook the other week. I’m republishing it here because what happens on Facebook shouldn’t stay on Facebook, and also the original thread was deleted by friend on whose page this drama took place, since he didn’t really fancy the invectives hurled my way.

But I saved screenshots. (I’ll provide links to the linked articles after the screenshots.)

It began when my friend posted an article from the pro-Trump Jewish News Service about Jared Kushner. I responded. Then things escalated. Enjoy!

Don’t call them kapos

Anyway, these are my New Jersey neighbors, no doubt hopped up on Fox News and its Jewish equivalents. But don’t call these Trumpists kapos: If they ever get the chance to throw me and my kind into the ovens, they will do so with joy and exhilaration, and maybe even a bracha.  


Links, as promised:

Terror stats:

Vanity Fair on Jared Kushner’s culpability in the plague that killed 4000 Americans today:

Washington Post on Jared Kushner’s culpability in the plague:


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